The ultimate question….Why?

Science is everywhere. It drives our daily lives, from what we eat to how we work and play. Understanding the simple things, like the daily weather forecast or how the football curves into the back of the net is impossible without science. When applied to problems science is often called technology, and without technology we are still living in the stone-age.

Technology and science are changing our world at a phenomenal rate, yesterday’s “high-tech” is todays normal and tomorrow’s obsolete. We are living longer, healthier and more exciting lives than any generation that has ever existed. Our children will undoubtedly come to rely on technology that we, the current generation can barely imagine.

This is what SciencePlay is all about. In order to understand and be involved in this incredible process, today’s children need to develop a passion for science that puts them in the driving seat. They must learn to understand and make important decisions about their own futures. Developing an appreciation of the excitement that science offers is something that every child deserves.

SciencePlay products are designed by scientists, educators and play professionals to provide inspiring experiences and nuture inquisitiveness.  Our aim is to prompt that ultimate question…Why?


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