Who are we?

Science Play is a unique collaboration of real scientists, teachers and experts in outdoor and indoor commercial play design who have teamed-up to create unique and bespoke playground equipment that encourages children’s minds as well as their bodies.
Science Play is all about learning outdoors and learning through play.

SciencePlay has access to a unique combination of skills within design, education and science. This enables us to develop products that are both fun and offer real educational value to children.


Amy is one of the UK’s leading designers for children. She has over 13years experience in play design and manufacture. From toys and baby-care items to huge ‘wonderland’ play attractions, Amy has consistently imagined, designed and developed her ideas into reality. She has created new products for many of the leading play equipment providers and you will see her designs in playgrounds and visitor attractions around the world. Clients have included the Design Council, NHS and the Shangri La group of Hotels. She is an associate lecturer in Play Design at Falmouth University.

Amy is never happier than when creating something exciting, new and useful, solving design problems in order to make people’s lives better and more fun. Amy leads product development at SciencePlay and is the driving force behind its success.



Darryl’s day job is as a doctoral researcher in astrophysics at the University of Exeter. He works with a large collaborative team who are leading the way in determining the structure of our galaxy and how it forms the stars and planets that we observe.

Darryl is also passionate about science communication and is a skilled educator having previously taught science in both secondary and post-16 phases. Darryl’s contributions to the SciencePlay project include ideas for new products, scientific authenticity and development of educational resources.

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The Team

We are grateful to have a wide-ranging team of science, education and industry partners who support us with our creations, it’s this range of expertise that make our products such a success!


We love working with our customers to produce products and we find this produces the best results.