Play Planetarium

The Play Planetarium

Capturing the imagination of children is one of the most effective ways to encourage learning through play and the learning experience. The Planetarium is designed to BS EN 1176 and approved by RPII Inspectors for compliance with the European playground standard and comes into its own from its unique play and features that display the night sky during daylight by depicting accurately constellations on the inside of the dome. This is done from sunlight that shines through the holes to create a sparkling display of stars where children will learn to identify and practice their sky and star navigating skills to boldly go where no child has gone before!

The Innovating outer shell provides the additional activity of “Asteroid Climbing” that helps to improve core strength and hand-eye coordination promoting the Physical as well as the Cognitive development to suit whichever challenge, mood or choice a child may want to partake.

The evocative space pod shape makes this item of play equipment very different and provides an exciting impact to a dull playground landscape. What forms the unique pod shape are beautiful glulaminated timber beams to ensure a smooth safe surface finish. Even fellow aspiring astronauts can join you in your world of discovery by placing themselves ready for blast off on the rope and canvas flexible web seating area; or in lesser groups be able to lay and stare at the stars!!

The Play Planetarium comes in two sizes the larger one enabling 30 children to shelter and sit inside whilst the smaller version is designed to be installed onto good quality grass without the need for surfacing.

To hear what the children at Bosvigo School in Truro think of their Planetarium please listen to the link below.


Here is a link to the school blog site.