Nature play goes indoors for the under 3′s

Nature indoor play

Nature indoor play 2

Now that’s different !, we wanted to bring the outdoors in, to a beautifully designed indoor play area, both visually, and functionally. Science play’s, nature indoor play area, creates an educational environment indoors.

After studying how under 3′s and parents play in existing indoor spaces we realized they needed a more open space for children to explore within easy access of their parents. In this space parents can let their children discover whilst being able to see them from all angles, through the cleverly placed mirror panels and openings.Wavy hill seating surrounds the area to enable adults to sit and relax within easy reach , it also doubles up as a barrier. The nature play area is filled with an array of materials to provide a feast for senses through, mirror, coloured lenses, and textures . Tunnels and alcoves provide much needed climbing and den making as well as interactive panels to test the hand and eye coordination. All surfaces are wipe clean, and all edges padded with stain resistant carpet , (a lot easier to practice crawling on than the slippy vinyl pads). Openings and windows in the centre caterpillar divide, provide plenty of ‘peep o’ opportunities, and the all time favorite slide finishes off the area. Graphics bring the area alive with bees, snakes, spiders and much more hiding in every corner.

This area has been installed in a site in China, would you like one or like what you see? please get in touch so we can discussed what we can do for you.