The DOTT “serious play” project

As a partner in the DOTT “serious play” team, Amy applied her creativity to co-designing and producing the suite of energy focussed installations for the design council in 2010. In particular the “What is Energy?” board and “human powered christmas tree” both emerged directly from the SciencePlay labs.

The real challenge of the Dott Play project was to create a piece of play apparatus that could make energy generation fun, educational and accessible. The project’s focus centred around the link between play and sustainable energy production. Through co-discovery and co-design the project asked the target audience to define the meaning of both play and energy and come up with a fun, interactive solution to the challenge of energy generation through play.

This project was a fantastic collaboration between Cornish designers and local children, ideas flowed and learning became effortless. This project provided the initial spark that has grown over the last year to become SciencePlay.